Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I bring any special documentation to leave the country?

Yes, you need a valid passport to leave your country of residence. Some countries require a minimum period of validity of the passport in addition to the relevant visa. Please make sure that you check the entry-requirements or immigration requirements of your country and your destination country everytime you make an international trip, as these regulations are changing constantly. Please remember that you are responsible to hold all the entry, departure and health documents as well as any other documentation required by your destination country. Hence, if you are not sure what the immigration requirements are, we advise that you check with the embassy/consulate of the destination country before you purchase your ticket.

  • Should I take any health precautions  (vaccines)?

Some countries enforce regulations on mandatory vaccines or health measures. You, as a traveler, always have the option to take extra health measures, especially if you are not sure about the health risks in the destination country. Aside from checking the mandatory health measures in your destination country, we also recommend that you check travel warnings issued by the embassy, and the weather forecast in the destination country so you can prepare for some possible scenarios when you arrive there.

  • When do I reconfirm my airline ticket?

For international flights, you must reconfirm the departure within 3 days prior to the date of your travel, as well as the return. On domestic flights is always advisable to check them 24 hours earlier to see if there was some reprogramming. In case of changes made by the airlines (cancellation, delay, or flight change) please call our toll free number 800-444-7171 and our friendly travel specialist will assist you on possible re-accommodations subject to the policy of the airlines.

  • How long before I should be at the airport?

In order to avoid hassles and unnecessary delays, please do not arrive late at the airport. For international flights, passengers are required to check in at the airport at least 4 hours before the flight. For local flights, passengers are required to check in at least 2 hours before their flight. This is for passengers to have enough time to perform the airport security processing and immigration controls.

  • How many kilos of luggage I can take?

All airlines enforce luggage allowance policies. For local flights, 25 kg of check-in luggage plus a carry-on bag/hand luggage are usually allowed. For international flights, 20 kg for check-in bags are usually accepted.

  • What products I can not carry in my hand luggage?

In order to avoid problems and hassles in the security processes at the airport, we recommend that you avoid including the following materials in your carry-on or hand luggage: metal cutlery, corkscrew, nail clippers, razors or razor blades, tools, toys that simulate weapons, darts sports, pool sticks, baseball bats, golf clubs, hypodermic needles without a prescription, insecticides, gas lighters, etc.

How to Book Flights

Using our website is easy. If you want to search for available trips, you can use our booking engine located in our Homepage. Below is an example of a step by step guide in searching for available flights:

Step 1. Enter your search criteria

  • First, type your place or airport of origin in the “From” field and your destination city or airport  in the “To” field. Don’t worry if you don’t know the complete name of the cities or airports. Our booking engine will be showing all cities/ airports that match what you are typing. All you have to do is select the appropriate option.
  • Continue by entering the date of  your departure (from your place of origin) and your arrival (if you are booking a roundtrip travel)
  • Next, choose from the drop-down menus to indicate the number of passengers.
  • Click “Search Flights”.

booking step 1


Step 2. Analyze the availability of flights

At the top are the initial data of your search. By default, the information displayed is arranged from lowest to highest price. It can also be sorted by name and category.

booking step 2

Step 3. Select the best option by clicking on it or clicking “Select”. 

The list shows the detailed information of the service.

booking step 3

Step 4. Enter booking details

Enter the information of the passengers.
Review and Accept the terms and regulations.
Choose the payment method and check the store policies.
Enter the data requested by each provider.

 booking step 5booking step 4



Step 5. Click “Continue”
Step 6. Check reservation status

Consider the following observations:

  • The screen displays the status of the reservation, referring to the payment method chosen in the previous step.
  • The reservation has more than 6 hours before its fall by default.
  • The proforma of the reservation will be automatically sent to the email entered above.



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